About TryMyROI TM

What We Care About Most

Helping buyers and sellers of real estate make the best decision by enabling real estate professionals to effectively communicate personalized ROI to their clients.

Who We Are

We started as a small group of real estate investors who got frustrated trying to determine the realistic profit or loss on potential real estate investments. For a given property, what was the right price? How many years should we hold it? How much should we spend on improvements? Bottom line: was the investment worth the cost? We used proven ROI calculations that have been around for years, but running the numbers meant using multiple confusing software programs, then fitting the results together on our own. We knew this ROI information was key to making good property decisions, but we were unsatisfied with the available methods. There had to be a better way!

As we continued to help friends and family calculate ROIs for their own properties, we came to realize that the general public DID NOT HAVE easy access to such important information, and certainly not in a clear, comparable way. So, we set out to make this information easily available to people who have a genuine need for it every day: real estate professionals. Just as a real estate professional's clients receive guidance in finding properties and understanding the local market, they should also discuss their investment's realistic financial impact.

What We Do

TrymyROI.com provides a marketing platform for real estate professionals to post their listings with an ROI report for every single property. The easy, fill-in-the-blank process allows you to enter basic property and financing information, then produces a professional report that you can use to show your client their ROI. TryMyROI.com is a tool to help real estate professionals easily communicate to their clients the financial impact of buying or selling a home. Buyers and sellers need and want to be educated about the financial impact of what may be the largest investment of their lives.

We Offer

TrymyROI.com is a complete marketing platform that provides real estate professionals an easy way to calculate ROI on a property, communicate confidence in a transaction, and differentiate your services.

  • Automatically generated marketing website for each listing
  • Easy-to-read, printable ROI reports
  • ROI widgets that enhance your visibility and spread your web presence
  • Professional ROI Profile that communicates your experience and collects leads
  • ROI Badge that improves your credibility

Who Can Use TryMyROITM?

Every real estate professional!