Demo Videos

Click on each of the short videos below to learn more about what TryMyROI is and how you can use ROI to help you.

TryMyROI - What is ROI?

What is ROI and why is it important to you? View this video to find out what you are missing.

TryMyROI - Overview

View this video to learn about the key benefits of membership.

TryMyROI - Create a Report

See how easy it is to create an ROI report, customized for each listing & customized for each client.

TryMyRoi- Member Profile

Build creditability, increase online viability and capture leads from your unique member profile page.

TryMyRoi- YouTube Marketing

View this video to learn how you can enhance the effectiveness of your online advertising.

TryMyRoi- TrymyROI - ROI Badge

Watch this video to learn how you can show the world your ROI expertise.

TryMyRoi- ROI Widget

View this video to learn how you can display the ROI for all of your listings on multiple web-pages.

TryMyROI - ROI Management Panel (Admin Panel)

View this video to see how easy it is for members to manage all of their Public & Private ROI reports.

TryMyROI - Affiliate Program

Learn how you can be rewarded for sharing with family, friends, & Co-workers.

you can add the ROI report widget to a property on your website to display it's ROI to potential buyers! This feature is available exclusively to members.

Our premium members receive a listing that allows them to have a member profile which includes a shield with the number of reports they have generated. The more reports you have generated, the higher your profile will appear in our professional search directory, and the more experienced you will seem to potential new clients who only want to work with a TryMyROI Professional.